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A windows host machine (which dynamically has the address runs

  • (i) an ssh tunnel with port forwarding (forwards the port localhost:5432 with the following command: autossh.exe -M 2000 -L 5432:localhost:5432 server
  • (ii) vmware linux machine (ubuntu)

How can I access the 5432 port of the host machine from linux? The port forwarding binds 5432 port with the localhost ( and not with the dynamically assigned ip address ( This makes it impossible to access the port with

Unfortunatelly I cannot do the port forwarding directly from the linux VM.


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=) This are some easy easy points... If you look closer to your port forward -L you are using [nothing]:5432:localhost:5432 just replace nothing with the ip address that you want to have the port listening or, just add server and you will have in all interfaces that port listening.

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