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This is my first time trying Chrome and I can't access localhost, or any other local domain I have setup from within Chrome 29.0.1547.66. They all work fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer, and have for years.

Nothing happens at all in Chrome when I try to load one of these pages. Loading icon just spins indefinitely.

What's up with Chrome?

System: Windows 8
Server: Softaculous AMPPS 2.0

Additional troubleshooting performed with @50-3 in comments; comments have since been removed to free up space

  • Disabled same origin policy --disable-web-security
  • Tried accessing via, http://localhost:80
  • Server not yet configured to allow connection from network IP address
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I finally found a solution to this. Go to chrome://flags and set "Built-in Asynchronous DNS" to "Disabled", then restart the browser.

This allows all local domains to be accessed. Looks like DNS was just choking up the issue.

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