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I live in Mexico and I'm trying to download an app for my Galaxy S3, but it is not available in my country. I have downloaded the .apk of the app so it's already installed in my phone, but still I can't run it. Is there any way to change my IP Address so it seems I am from USA

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It is you ISP that gives your phone it's IP, so that will be hard to change.

But there is VPN solutions with exit points in i.e. USA so your public IP will look like a "American IP" and you should be safe.

Unfortunately I cant give any example on what VPN software or what VPN service to use, but I looks like google has a lot of hits on this topic.

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Continuing where @Johan left off, I can recommend the service I've been using in recent years. It's called ProXPN and they have solutions for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Mind you, if the app's functionality is region-dependent, you may have to have the VPN on whenever you use it.

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