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Our MAC OS X users are currently using Adobe InDesign to design catalog pages. These catalog pages contain linked images of the products and can therefore be as big as several hundred of megabytes. When they print from InDesign to the shared printer, they of course need High Res printing, so they send the High Def version of the file (including the high def version of each product) directly to the printer. This means several hundreds of megabytes of data is sent to the printer and that locks the printer for up to 15 minutes. No users are able to print during that time, which is a problem for a shared printer environment.

We noticed that converting the file to PDF with InDesign and then sending this PDF file to the printer was much more efficient, with the same quality results. The total process would take less than 2 minutes, including the conversion to PDF on the user's computer. However, you know end users, they prefer having only one action to run than two, even if the two actions can save them some time.

So basically, I want to do this PDF generation automatically. When the user launch a print from InDesign, they would use a virtual printer instead of the direct printer. The virtual printer would generate the PDF file from the InDesin file, and then send this generated PDF file to the printer.

From what I read, it looks like there are some ways to do that, using CUPS and its filters, but I'm not sure how to?

I've gone through this thread, but from what I understand, it looks like it is more specific to installing CUPS (which is already done on the MAC OS X of my users) than coniguring this specific filter. However, if I'm wrong, I'd be glad to have a more detailed explanation!

If anybody can help to guide me designing this solution, I'm happy to hear!

Thanks a lot!

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