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Which file should I edit to customize the login information?

login information

How to custom the system startup information?

enter image description here

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In most distributions you can simply edit /etc/issue

If Arch is the case, I can say that it works.

look here for a special character guide.

It's not a shell script though, it's only a description file, if you want to put other info into it, you should edit a service script or an init script to append the info you want to /etc/issue.

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What if I want to display some dynamic information? Such as the machine's current IPv4 address? – Yad Smood Sep 17 '13 at 11:51
That's not a simple matter. /etc/issue is not a shell script, it's simply a parsed description file, some escape sequences are recognised, but you can't put shell commands there. One way I can think to do it, is modifying your interface connection script, making it append your IP to /etc/issue. I would advise against it, though, because you'll be slowing your login time by waiting the interface to come up. – Fanfurlio Sep 17 '13 at 13:19

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