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Can, anyone, please, teach me how to download using torrents? I keep hearing about torrents, about someone's recent successes in downloading something from the internet by using torrents, but I myself have never succeeded in it.

From this page on the Wiki I found out about many various Bit-Torrent clients, downloaded and installed some of them ("Deluge", "Leechcraft", "BitTornado", "BitComet"), but I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do their next.

Can anyone having positive experience in it, please, share it here?


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Well, there's actually two mechanisms to download a torrent - one is a file, containing information on trackers, and the other is a "magnet link" which is a link which the torrent client uses to work out where other clients are. For our purposes, these are pretty similar.

Your torrent client is a bit of software that collects bits of the file you want to download from other torrent clients - I have an explanation of the process here.

Ideally you will want to set your torrent client as the default handler for your torrent files or magnet links - the installer will do this or you will have to open the torrent file manually - The process would depend on your OS - but treat it as you would any other file with a known program to open it with. Rightclicking and open as would work in windows, or opening the torrent file from the file menu of your torrent client, or picking the torrent client as the way to handle links of the type or files of the type from your web browser. When you open the file, it asks you where to save it, and starts downloading.

As for different clients, bittorrent is the 'official' client, based off utorrent these days (with utorrent being the client of choice for quite a while. Sadly, Its moved away from its old standards of being tiny and simple, and is ad supported these days). I migrated to qbitorrent since utorrent had ads. That said, any modern, standards compliant torrent client would work the same way.

Thank you. I have just downloaded and installed qbittorrent_3.0.11_setup file. But I again have the same problem - I have no torrent file on my computer that I could open with qbittorrent_3.0.11_setup. You mentioned "trackers" in the very beginning of your answer. What are they? Are they pieces of software or some web-pages? Can I get a free (legal) torrent file from them somehow? I just want to experience the process of downloading something by means of using a torrent file. I've never done it before. – brilliant Sep 17 '13 at 12:36
a tracker is a bit of software running on a server, basically tells folk who are other folk who are downloading files. <- You can find a torrent download for ubuntu if you scroll down a little – Journeyman Geek Sep 17 '13 at 12:45

Download and install BitTorrent software from, open the torrent file via BitTorrent software, click the start button to download, that's all.

I have just downloaded it and installed it. "open the torrent file via BitTorrent software" - How do I do that? Where do I get that file in the first place? – brilliant Sep 17 '13 at 10:31
@brilliant - You can get the file from the person who published the torrent file you want to download. Ubuntu is an example of one such organization that publishes their software as a torrent. We cannot help you download any software you don't have the rights to download. – Ramhound Sep 17 '13 at 11:17
@Ramhound - Why do you think that I necessarily want to download software? And why with no rights? I just want to try the process of downloading something absolutely legal using torrents. Does that Ubuntu provide anything free for anyone to download? – brilliant Sep 17 '13 at 11:24
@Ramhound - "I already said that Ubuntu publishes their software as a torrent file" - But is it free? Or I will have to pay first to buy the rights? Where can I get that organization's web page? – brilliant Sep 17 '13 at 11:36
@Ramhound - I tried this Wikipedia page: but there it says that Ubuntu is an operating system, it also says that Ubuntu is a font family, there are also Ubuntu Cola and Ubuntu Edge, but those are soft drink and smartphone companies. I am confused. Which one do I need to choose to try my first torrent download? – brilliant Sep 17 '13 at 11:55

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