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I remapped my Mac keybindings, so that files are deleted by pressing just the delete key, like in Windows.

Unfortunately, when renaming a file and pressing delete ("forward delete one character"), the whole file is deleted.

Is it possible to specify that a file should only be deleted if it is not currently being renamed?

BetterTouchTool doesn't allow to enter "Delete" as a shortcut.

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What is the app you're using to map your keys? Can you set it to send it to the trash bin instead of deleting it (like linux does)? –  arielnmz 2 days ago
Did you remap forward-delete to command-delete? You're giving up your forward-delete key by doing so. If you want a single-key file delete, why not remap command-delete to a less-used key? –  NReilingh 2 days ago

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