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Today I bought a Samsung Syncmaster S24B150 (with 1 DVI and 1 VGA port), my Windows 7 desktop (Dell XPS 8500) has a Radeon AMD 7850 graphical card with 1 HDMI and 1 DVI port, I'm using a newly bought König CABLE-193/3 DVI-D 24+1pin male to DVI-D 24+1pin male.

My second screen (the samsung synmaster, DVI connected) does not show anything.

When I let windows detect my displays, it succesfuly finds the monitor:

enter image description here

I can also succesfuly make screenshots ranging both screens.

enter image description here

When I connect the samsung syncmaster via VGA to my laptop the screen works as should.

When I unplug the HDMI monitor, I still don't get anything on my DVI monitor.

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Some ideas, in no particular order:

Ensure the monitor doesn't have a manual input toggle. If it does, ensure it's set to DVI.

Try a different (known good) DVI cable, or try your new cable on a different computer with a different (known working) DVI video adapter and monitor.

Try the monitor with a known good DVI cable on a system with a known good DVI video adapter.

Try a known-good DVi cable/monitor with your DVI video adapter.

Go through Samsung's monitor troubleshooting.

Take it back because it's broken. ;)

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