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iptables -I PREROUTING -t nat -p udp -s --dport 53 -j DNAT --to-destination

Instead of only rerouting traffic from, I'd like to reroute traffic from all ips, 192.168.0.*, possible?

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All to the same destination? Try replacing -s with -s – Zoredache Sep 18 '13 at 0:07
Works, thank you. – Gabe Sep 18 '13 at 0:21

Just wanted to add to @Zoredache comment (Which is also an answer)

Extract of the Command iptables in relation to -s flag

--source -s [!] address[/mask]

So what @Zoredache has suggested works by working on the subnet mask short hand

To break down -s we need to look at the subnet mask it represents:

Now this doesn't really give us any indication of how it's represented as the number 24 until we look at the binary representation of the subnet mask:


Now a quick count will show that the first 24 binary switches are set to 1 this is why it's represented as /24

So what we have told the iptables command is that we want the source to be the first 256 ( IP addresses starting at to be declared as a source in this command

Another example would be I want the first 65,536 IP addresses starting at to be the source

So the command would be -s this is subnet mask (Binary is 11111111.11111111.00000000.00000000) and this will declare through as the source addresses

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