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I am trying to install dnsmasq-2.45.tar.gz on fedora 19 by offline I mean I downloaded the dnsmasq-2.45.tar.gz package from the internet and i am going to install this package without any connection. how can i do that. thanks for help if you can

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Welcome to Superuser, What have you tried so far and what was the result of that? – 50-3 Sep 18 '13 at 3:35

General installation guide for .tar.gz:

tar -xzf dnsmasq-2.45.tar.gz


cd softwarePath/



make install

This would be the standard idea around installing a .tar.gz file off-line, the only issue I see you facing is dependencies. If you haven't got the dependencies for dnsmasq installed prior your going to have a bad time of it all

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