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I have z5500 and playing a file that is true dts - The control panel of z5500 is showing DTS but no sound is coming through. The thing is that just last week, I was playing the exact files(DTS) and was playing fine(also showing DTS on panel) It seems that my PC(Dell 2320) maybe updated and change some setting I then did a system restore before updates but still nothing.

I have downloaded "Media Codecs" but still no luck. This is frustrating as this was just working last week with no problems whatsoever.

I would really appreciate if anyone can resolve this for me...Thanks

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Assuming Z5500 is the speaker system: What software are you playing the file with? Does a different speaker set work? Does playing a different file type work (MP3 or WAV)? If you turn on the speaker system and touch the end of the jack (the jack which plugs into the computer) does it make any noise? –  Dave Rook Sep 18 '13 at 7:27
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