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In the 90ies I used Norton Ghost to back up entire Volumes of my PC to external USB drives. (Ghost on a bootable CD. No fancy shadow copy magic while running under Windows). It saved me more than once.

Nowadays, I still want to backup my entire machine. News are:

  • the entire System Volume (consisting out of the bootable and 1-2 data partitions) is fully TrueCrypted
  • my Laptop no longer has a CD drive
  • still only using NTFS / Fat32, maybe exFAT partitions (not so sure, what TC makes out of it, when I trigger the encrypt-entire-bootvolume process, once everything else is set up)

Any recommendation for an (i.e. Linux) based imaging tool, bootable from USB, that is known to properly handle TrueCrypt Volumes to fully backup to a USB or NAS (like WD Book) if connected via LAN-cable).

I am clueless, if restoring a fully truecrypted machine also has special requirements on backup/resotore of specific boot partition/sector/loader things (beyond what's contained on the partition.)

Thank you for your help!

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