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Now I know that there are extensions like CloseAllInactiveTabs to close all inactive tabs.
But I need to keep several tabs (from the left) open and close all other tabs from the right.
I sometimes need this feature when I have several important tabs open on the left
and I want to close all the other unnecessary tabs from the right.

So , my question is : are there any extensions that let me set the number of tabs to keep open while closing all other inactive tabs from the right?

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Have you tried the Tab Wrangler? You can set tabs to close after a certain amount of time and you can also specify the minimum number of tabs you want to stay open at all times.

The tabs that are auto-closed are saved by the extension, so you can always re-open them later.

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Does it give the options to perform close manually with Tab Wrangler? – MD. Mohiuddin Ahmed Sep 19 '13 at 9:46
Not as far as I can see. It does however do most of what you stated in your question. – Yass Sep 19 '13 at 16:38
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I found a very quick and easy solution. Right clicking on the rightmost required tab gives you this option: Close tabs to the right

Clicking on it does exactly what I needed :)

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