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I have a php application and somethings related to the application need changes to vhost.conf file.

Presently i'm making the changes manually. But i would like to automate it using a php script.

Is this advisable? I want to know the security complications involved.

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Seems like quite a hack. Not really recommended since your app needs permissions to otherwise root-only scripts. Plus you'd need to reload the server too. What changes do you have to make so often? What's the real issue? – slhck Sep 18 '13 at 13:09

Maybe you can create a file as a config(file) and use the include directive in your vhost.conf to include this file, see

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You probably want to use the Config PEAR package to edit the files. Of course you are opening a major breach in your server's security, so you'll have to be extra careful about what you allow and must never write any user-provided string to that file (don't think any filtering you apply is smarter than the hacker, even if input is provided by yourself - I'm thinking about XSS and CRSF here).

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