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My question is pretty straight-forward, is there a way in Notepad++ to expand and collapse blocks with keyboard shortcut? I already know about the alt+0 and alt+shift+0 to expand / collapse all blocks but i want to achieve this for a single block.

The behavior i want to reproduce is when you click the little +/- symbol near a code or xml block but with keyboard only.

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Ctrl+Alt+F collapse current level and Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F expand it.

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The shortcut alt+0 for fold all and alt+shift+0 for unfold all. superuser.com/questions/436023/… –  MohD Jun 7 at 5:32

Try using ALT-3 and for element level condense and collapse.

This will condense all siblings of the root node one by one.

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I don't think your command does what OP described. However, it seems to do something. Care to explain what and how? –  Konrad Viltersten Dec 5 '14 at 15:11

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