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I have a slight "issue" with how internet explorer 10 (maybe also previous versions) stores files. Since I'm using an SSD, I created a 2GB RAM-disk and moved the temporary internet files folder to the new disk.

Now there is also an option for the amount of space that should be used (it says 8-1024MB), it was always set to 512MB for me and I thought the 2GB RAM-disk was fine, but now I have discovered that IE10 doesn't seem to care at all about what I set as the usage limit and simply uses limitless amount of data. My folder was almost 40GB large (I assume, because I seem to stream a lot of youtube videos) until I emptied it and now on the new RAM-disk I have the problem that I run out of memory pretty quickly.

Is there a way that IE10 actually doesn't use more space than the amount I set it to?

I would really appreciate answers that don't include changing the browser, I will do that as a last resort, but for now it would be good to know, if I can make it work on IE10.

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