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I work on Windows 7 most of the time. I have a linux machine whose process I need to monitor from my Windows machine. Instead of ssh'ing into the linux machine and doing top, I want to install some application on my windows which would establish a connection to my linux machine and show me the memory usage of the processes in the application's GUI. Is there a freeware like this ? I am pretty sure there is something out there that i can use.

Any input is appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to SU. Software recommendations are off-topic here (see tour). That said, any application you install would still need to connect and authenticate to the remote sever so I don't see how it would be simpler than using ssh/top. The only alternative would be doing it over the web, can you create a file on the server that is accessible to the internet? – terdon Sep 18 '13 at 22:10

The metrics that you're describing can all be sent using SNMP so monitoring them remotely is not too much more than setting up a Cacti or Nagios instance (depending on your needs) and configure it to look to the specific SNMP events that you wish to monitor.

You can even host the cacti / nagios service on your linux host and then just access the web UI.

More info:

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