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I am extremely new to Linux / Unix as a whole, so I apologize in advance for any ignorance that may be perceived by this question.

I am trying to execute a script to set up a control panel from the front-end of a server so I can finish setting it up. (For all of the details, I am trying to install the Minecraft control panel "Multicraft" onto my Webmin server).

However, I have ran into the challenge where I know the file's location:


But I just do not know how to execute this script from the front end, like from a browser. When I navigate to the file's location (, it just says in big, bold letters: Error - File not found.

To elaborate: I have tried accessing this page by using http:// but for nothing. When I use http://, it just loads a blank page with nothing on it.

I have also tried excluding the port (:10000) from the link, but when I do that, it says that the page could not be deleted.

I have been following the tutorial for setting up the Multicraft control panel as closely as possible for the Linux 64-bit instructions. I have executed all of the commands that they provided as the root user in the ~/ directory.

The commands I have done so far are as follows:

# wget -O multicraft.tar.gz 
# tar xvzf multicraft.tar.gz
# cd multicraft
# ./

This is all I have done so far.

What can I do to make this file executable from the likes of a web browser? I am totally confused and out of league with what I'm doing right now. Thanks in advance!

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If it's a one time script ask you service provider to run it for you – 50-3 Sep 18 '13 at 23:13
@terdon: Yes, the script must be executed from a browser for setup, unfortunately. I am not sure – if by command line you mean SSH access, I do have that. – jflory7 Sep 18 '13 at 23:54
@50-3 I will look into that possibility. – jflory7 Sep 18 '13 at 23:55
Why would it need to be executed from a browser? That is very strange. If you have ssh access, just do ssh you@server php ~/multicraft/panel/install.php. – terdon Sep 18 '13 at 23:59
@jflory7 by the by this is probably off topic if it's a 3rd party host, Personally having setup a bunch of wordpress sites I just find it easier to get my provider - also more secure :) – 50-3 Sep 19 '13 at 0:00
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The issue I was having was that I had not installed the apache2 web server to my dedicated machine, and the script that Multicraft was wanting me to execute expected the script to be located in /var/www/html/multicraft/, which at the time, I was not aware of.

To fix my problem, I first installed apache2 by doing yum install httpd, and then I typed service httpd restart. After this, my web server was online, and I reexecuted the file.

Upon doing this, Multicraft placed the front-end files in the web directory for apache2, and I was successfully able to finish the installation.

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