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I recently bought an Acer T232HL LCD touchscreen monitor. How do you find a stylus that works with this touchscreen, or do you have some examples of ones that do?

I have Windows 7 and the touchscreen works out of the box without installing any additional software. Windows auto-installed the driver with PnP. So far, the touchscreen seems to only work with fingers.

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When I did a google search for "stylus for T232HL bmidz" from the link you provided, I found this page… which details a capacitive brush and stylus you can purchase. – Bon Gart Sep 19 '13 at 7:27
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Since the touchscreen sensor on the monitor is capacitive, any old capacitive stylus will work. A "Works with iPad" on the box is a dead giveaway, but in general look for a (usually black) rubber dome on the end of the stylus.

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