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I'm working in a Windows domain environment, using Active Directory, Radius, and a linux Squid proxy server.

I'm trying to hook up a Windows 8 tablet to this system, but due to company policy I can't join it to the domain. The device is to be used by multiple users, but no ability to log in using AD due to inability to join the domain.

My solution is to have a local mandatory profile, everyone logs on as the same user, but always gets a fresh profile with no cached credentials.

My problem is this: I want to be able to join the WiFi (wpa2-enterprise authenticated via Cisco WAP to Radius to AD), map network drives, and authenticate against the proxy server all in one go. My hope is to have a script that asks for username and password, then authenticates against all the other services.

Mapping network drives is no problem (net use or vb script).

Is it even possible to script a join to WPA2-Enterprise? netsh wlan doesn't seem to be able to accept credentials.

Once on the wifi is it possible to get a kerberos ticket without being a domain member? (Apple MacBooks seem to be able to do it with the kinit command, but couldn't find anything on Windows?!)

Thanks for any help or pointers.


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