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I experience several issues with my Asus Taichi

1) The ENTER KEY (either the on-screen and physical keyboard) doesn't respond for a couple of minutes and then, suddenly, starts working and stay functioning. No solution yet

2) Another odd behavior I noticed is, I have a second monitor, setup as extended. I changed the resolution of the laptop to 1360x 768 and 1280x 1024 in the external monitor. Everything is fine but suddenly, the laptop goes back to 1920x 1080 and the external monitor gets disconnected. No physical disconnection from the video port (laptop stays on a desk).

3) Another one... WiFi is absolutely inconsistent. If the WiFi is disconnected (laptop went to sleep and comes back up, changing to a different access point with a network previously used). The only way to resolve is to disable the adapter, re-enable it and then associate with the AP.

4) When tablet is in sleep mode and you wake it up, the on screen keyboard doesn't show up to enter the password to unlock it. You have to manually bring the on-screen keyboard by navigating to the EASY ACCESS icon (lower left) or open the laptop and use the physical keyboard.

5) Last, but not least, the Blue button (TaichiHomeforMS) that allows switching between displays (tablet, laptop, mirrored, extended) not always responds and from time to time, an windows error messages pops ups saying TaichiHomeforMS is not responding.

As you see, there are several issues with the TAICHI. When it's working as expected it's a great machine. But when it shows any of the problems listed above... the frustration is endless.

I performed all the recommended updates, setting tweaks, etc... nothing worked. Please, help.

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Great list of problems. What's your question? – Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 Sep 19 '13 at 18:38