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Recently i changed to lxde on Ubuntu. And after switching it changed my x-terminal-emulator to lxterm.

My script was doing the following:

Go through a for loop and open a new terminal window and then run a script in that terminal. It would open multiple terminals at the same time running that script in all the different windows.

After switching to lxde it will loop through and wait for each terminal window to finish the script before the next terminal window launches. I want it to do what it was doing.

I fixed this issue by changing my x-terminal-emulator back to the gnome-terminal. Now it works fine. HOWEVER, this is a script system that a few people use and they are all using different environments and terminal emulators. How can i make sure this works for all the different terminal emulators or at least for xterm or whatever the one EVERYONE would have.


Code snippet:

for blah in something
    x-terminal-emulator -e bash
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See this question. – terdon Sep 21 '13 at 4:45
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This should do

for blah in something
    x-terminal-emulator -e bash &
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