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Sorry if I brought this up again. I'm using Notes 6.5 and I am belong to several groups. I wonder if I can setup Notes to show different icon for mails with different group recipient? How can I highlight the mail exclusive for me?

Thanks a lot.

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It would help to know what version of Notes you are using. In Notes 6 & 7, it's not so much an icon as 'message marking' - just a filled in circle:

  1. From within the mail database, select Actions -> Tools -> Preferences.
  2. Under Mail, select the Message Marking tab.
  3. Click the Recipients tab.
  4. Select any or all of the icons you wish to use to flag email - not much choice here. You can also specify any alternate or group names under which mail might be sent to you, for which you want these preferences to apply:

Notes 7 mail preferences screen

In Notes 8:

  1. Select File -> Preferences
  2. In the Tree, select Mail - the mail preferences appears
  3. Select the Attention Indicators tab

Update: I was wrong: The message marking I referred to at the top of the post doesn't exist in Notes 6.5. In Notes 6.5:

  1. No icons - You can set colors only - affects the entire row
  2. No support for Groups - individuals only.
  3. No support for recipients - senders only.

Sorry about that. I upgrading to at least Notes 7 an option for you? Notes 6.5 is quite old. There's a good upgrade argument to be made simply for security concerns.

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Thanks for the tips, Dave. I'm using Notes6.5 and I got "color" instead of "Message Marking" tab in my Preferences, any ideas? – user16501 Nov 3 '09 at 8:56

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