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I was using my Windows 8 desktop when it randomly defaulted to using my wireless connection. I was watching videos online at the time, and nothing was near the tower itself. Since it has gone down, I have been unable to get it working again. In both Windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.04 it shows that the cable is not connected even though I have tried the following, in no specific order:

  • Restart computer
  • Shutdown and start computer
  • Shutdown, unplug, wait 30 min, plug back in, and restart (saw in another forum)
  • Disable and re-enable adapter through Device Manager
  • Uninstall and automatic reinstall adapter through Device Manager
  • Install newest drivers direct from manufacturer
  • Disable Remote Kernel Adapter in Device Manager
  • Boot to Ubuntu 13.04 via USB thumb drive
  • Unplug and re-plug physical cable
  • Replace network cable

The most confusing part of this so far is that it shows it is disconnected in Ubuntu as well, where most posts I ran across showed that the adapter works in one or the other.

The adapter is as follows: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, RTL8168D

As previously mentioned, it is running on a Windows 8 desktop computer with 8GB of RAM, 1+TB of storage space, an AMD hexacore processor built by HP. Other items of note are that I am on a college campus and thus have no access to the router or switch it is connected to. Wireless connections still work, but I have to use my laptop because of the Cisco NAC Agent used by my campus (doesn't have the desktop wireless registered as a valid MAC address).

Thank you anyone who can help... and I hope I don't have a dead network adapter on my hands (especially since it shows up).

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Somehow the problem has worked itself out after not working for over 2 days. Nothing special was done to the computer in the mean time, but if anyone wants to contribute other ways to fix this problem normally, please do.

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