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I am running into trouble trying to recover files from my Verizon LG EnV3 VX9200 phone. My computer, running Windows 7, will only read the phone as a Windows Portable Device and will not assign the phone a drive letter. My questions are these:

1. Is there any way to get this particular phone to show up on my computer with a drive letter? (I've already downloaded drivers and BitPim.)

2. Is there any recovery software out there that can read the files off of a Windows Portable Device?

Any suggestions would be helpful. (I am particularly looking to recover photos and videos.)

Lastly, any additional websites that focus mobile phones (mobile phone forums)?

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better suited for Superuser.com –  Shurmajee Sep 20 '13 at 4:18
Well, this is the right place. Annoyingly, literature on phone forensics is pretty rare, and I've not come across any as a cyberforensics forensics undergrad. The state of the art on phone forensics outside specialised places is.. poking at the phone, sadly enough. –  Journeyman Geek Sep 20 '13 at 12:03
I figured that might be the case. At least I've given it a more thorough attempt. –  MrSoyOhBoy Sep 20 '13 at 12:17
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