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I'm using a Windows 8 high-contrast theme. The problem is that I use Internet Explorer 10 for testing website design, so I need high-contrast to be turned off in Internet Explorer only. Is there a way to turn off high-contrast in Internet Explorer 10 while high-contrast is enabled in system-wide Windows 8 settings?

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Don't think so. If high-contrast mode is what I think it is (the accessibility option), it alters the color profile of the display all together. But you did said theme so if you were to provide the theme's name or a link to it, it would help those that want to answer this. –  Doktoro Reichard Sep 20 '13 at 21:26
@DoktoroReichard Fortunately, no, it doesn't alter the color profile of the entire system. If you go to Personalization in the Control Panel of Windows 8 and scroll to the bottom, you'll see a few "high contrast" themes provided by Windows 8. I'm using one of those. –  MK Safi Sep 20 '13 at 21:39

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Open up IE. Hold Alt+Shift+Print Screen. It reloads IE and takes the high contrast setting off. You can do the same toggle to turn it back on if so desired. However, I find, due to the way webpages are created, using high contrast isn't really useful...I only want it for the actual system.

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Alt+Left and what is keyboard shirt+printscreen? clarify, please? shift? –  studiohack Oct 22 at 21:37

Google Chrome has extensions that allow control of high contrast on the Chrome browser without affecting the global Windows color scheme.

"Left Shift + Left Alt + Print Screen" with the cursor on the desktop toggles the Windows High Contrast Theme on/off. It is somewhat inconvenient, however.

Internet Explorer 11 does not have an option under "control panel\internet options\Advanced\Accessibility" In older versions of IE there was an applet to ignore colors on web pages.

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But the question is how to have high contrast everywhere but IE. Your answer seems to be appropriate for the opposite scenario. –  lzam Oct 5 at 2:47

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