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I have a Wifi that I can connect to without problems. However, when I check the status, Win8 tells me that I am connected to the network but I don't have internetaccess.

To connect to the internet, I need to configure a proxy which asks for authentication (basic auth without encryption). When I open the internet explorer, I'm asked for the user data, enter it and can browse without a problem.

The proxy is set in IE and via netsh winhttp set proxy. However, windows still thinks that I don't have a connection to the internet. That causes the store and the activation to fail because "I am not connected".

The automatic help for problems doesn't help either - It says I should enter my auth data in my browser. Even if I do, the help shows that I'm still not authenticated and I can't fix that.

How can I convince windows 8 rt to use authenticate using my data? How can I set the data?

I'm using a the German localization, so I can't provide english screenshots.

The same thing goes for Windows 7, too, but there is only the problem that I'm not connected, nothing else.

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