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I want to authenticate to a WPA2 Enterprise network configured to use MS-CHAPv2, using a username and an MD4 (NT) hash of a password, on Windows 7. This is easy to do on Linux using wpa_supplicant, but Windows does not natively support authenticating with the NT hash without knowing the actual password. I have only seen two open source WPA supplicants for Windows, wpa_supplicant and XSupplicant, and neither seems to work for Windows 7. The wpa_supplicant port doesn't support NDIS 6, and XSupplicant fails with "Unable to locate any network adapters in the system". I haven't seen any closed-source supplicants that support authenticating with a hash.

It is possible to authenticate to the network, if logged on to a Windows account whose saved password hash is the same as the known MD4 hash. It is also possible to create such an account by modifying the SAM offline, but I haven't seen a way to log in to the account.

So it seems now that the easiest way to do this is to build an WPA2 Enterprise supplicant from scratch. Is it this possible using only WinPcap and OpenSSL? Alternatively, is there any easier way to perform the authentication described above?

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So, you want to logon onto a network without a password...? & You're wondering why Windows doesn't support this natively? –  BigHomie Sep 23 '13 at 12:53

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