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I have an ongoing ftp upload with lftp which is backgrounded and i am wondering if there is a method to retrieve the status of the upload in a scripted way.

What i've figured out so far is a way to retrieve the status manually by attaching to the lftp session and typing 'jobs', f.eks:

lftp -c attach PID_OF_LFTP_PROCESS

then the lftp shell is prompting and i can type 'jobs'

[PID_OF_LFTP_PROCESS] Attached to terminal.
lftp> jobs

output is something like:

[1] mput -c /mnt/media/upload/parts/testfiles.part* 
'/mnt/media/upload/parts/testfiles.part10.rar' at 124930848 (61%) 105.5K/s eta:12m [Sending data]

that is the output i need, but how can i retrieve it within a script?

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