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In Libreoffice I can import a CSV file into a spreadsheet by simply double-clicking on the text file.

In Openoffice 4.0 I have to click once on the text file to select it, then in the file type selector I have to go down and find the CSV option, select it, and then click on open. In Libreoffice, CSV is obviously the default selection.

Is there a way in Openoffice to make CSV the default option?

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Can't you configure the default application of opening .csv files to be OpenOffice Calc? What OS are you using? – matan129 Sep 22 '13 at 14:12

Simply rename the text file you want to import into OpenOffice Calc to something.csv. Then, in calc select File > Open > and select the something.csv file from the list by double-clicking on it and the window with the options will appear. Select the delimiter that the text file has that seperates the fields and then select "Open".

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