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I would like to create a link, similar in intent to a permalink suitable for bookmarking, email, or reference in other web pages. The intent here is to refer to sections of a target web page without relying upon the target web page for anchors and not restricting the resulting URL to being rendered by Javascript-enabled browsers (e.g., text-only browsers). Detailed requirements are:

Detailed Requirements

  1. Searches down the page for a string match, but presents the match and surrounding region of text content surrounding the match. The presented result does not have to be served from the target web page's server.
  2. The size of the region can be specified inside the URL via named properties, e.g., &begin=5&end=10.
  3. Includes links to the original page in the output.
  4. Allows chained expression search (e.g., search forward for "foo", then search backward for "bar"). The final location is the region to be shown in the final rendered web page. This is necessary for many pages that have a contents section listing the section title, and also listing the section title again on the subsequent content, such that if you CTRL-f search for that title starting from the start of the page, you only end up finding the entry in the table of contents section, not the content itself.
  5. Allows regular expression search (but also with chained expression search).
  6. Browser- and OS-agnostic: Works on most modern browsers on MacOS, Linux, and Windows (not Firefox-specific), including text-based browsers lacking Javascript engines. The resulting page can have Javascript but should not require it.
  7. Does not require modifying the target page (which I do not own)
  8. Does not require an anchor in the URL (many pages lack the URL)
  9. Does not require browser extensions or plugins.
  10. Supported by a group/team/company that arranges it so that any servers provided are kept online (e.g., see below about PurpleSlurple of what not to do).
  11. Anyone can use the service without requiring a login.

This is similar in intent to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7983290/is-there-any-way-to-bookmark-or-link-to-a-section-of-a-page-without-an-anchor but with the critical restriction that it does not require client-side Javascript. So this question really is looking for that server/service for use.

I envision this has to be done from some server that accepts URLs with the target embedded URL within it, the search criteria and begin/end properties, and would then then reformulate the target page with the text extraction and reformatting, presenting the results in the browser.


http://purpleslurple.net/ used to be close to what I wanted (without the searching capability) but that page reads (as of this writing): "So folks were using PurpleSlurple.net as an open proxy, apparently for nefarious purposes. Working to resolve that. Back online soon!". That was apparently posted back in February 2013, so I doubt it.

Also https://www.diigo.com/ is not a solution as it does not allow for chained searching as described above, and I found its highlighting bookmarking mechanism to only work some of the time, and I'm looking for something reliable.

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