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I have a new computer with a Asus P5QL Pro motherboard and wanted to plug my old HP DeskJet 950C printer into it only to discover that the motherboard has no LPT/Parallel port.

What is the best solution for this?

  • is there a LPT-to-USB adapter?
  • do I need to buy an LPT PCI board?
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A PCI card is the best option, PCI parallel port cards are cheap at around ~$15USD with a few higher-end models available too. There are also PCI Express parallel port cards, but for using with a standard desktop printer, I don't think there are any advantages when using PCIe. I could be wrong on this though.

Here are some Newegg links:
PCIe to Parallel port cards
PCI to Parallel port cards

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Belkin make a USB Parallel Printer Adapter, but it is $39.99 which is a bit pricy. There is this alternative on Amazon for $13.

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