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I'm trying to use the Cygwin ftp client in Windows 7 but it just hangs on connect:

$ ftp -d ftp.redhat.com
User (ftp.redhat.com:(none)): anonymous
---> USER anonymous


Windows ftp from a command prompt connects without any issue:

C:\> ftp ftp.redhat.com
Connected to ftp.redhat.com.
220 Red Hat FTP server ready. All transfers are logged. <FTP> [no EPSV]
User (ftp.redhat.com:(none)): anonymous
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful.
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Were you able to find an answer? I ran into this problem recently, and this link seems to indicate that Cygwin cannot run FTP natively. One needs to download a separate Cygwin FTP client or just use the native Windows command line FTP client. As for the reason why Cygwin fails, the link goes into a little bit of detail.

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Please summarize what the link says, in your answer. If the link goes down, then your answer will not be helpful in the future. –  Kevin Panko Jan 17 at 22:48
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