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I'm using Fedora Live 19.1 on a USB drive to try salvaging a harddrive with bad sectors using ddrescue. The program was doing its thing and then crashed after 5 hours (as expected), but I'm supposed to be able to resume thanks to the log file saved on the USB drive's persistent storage. Now, I had to reboot the PC in Windows for something and had the brilliant idea of looking inside the persistent storage file with notepad++ to see where ddrescue failed. I didn't touch/save anything and rebooted to Fedora Live, but it doesn't start, complaining that it can't read a superblock.

In my naiveté, I then created a new USB live drive and copied over the persistent storage files, obtaining the same result of a boot failure.

So the question: is there a way to mount/read the persistent storage file, with the objective to recover the ddrescue log file (and avoid restarting the process from scratch)?


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