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I have this pen graphics tablet: Princeton PTB-MT2BN, "Mousepad Tablet" (

I have tried it with two different drivers: (A) the driver that automatically installs via Windows 7, and (B) the driver that came with the tablet on CD-ROM.

With driver (A), I do not know if it registers pressure sensitivity or not.

Driver (B) definitely register pressure sensitivity: it shows a bar which displays the applied pressure in real time.

All other functionalities of the tablet except pressure sensitivity work fine.

My problem is that none of the paint programs which I tested seems to register the pressure sensitivity applied with the pen. The pressure sensitivity is supposed to translate into width of brush, or transparency. I just want to get it to work in any paint program.

I tested:

Under Windows 7: paint,, GIMP.

Under Xubuntu within Oracle VM VirtualBox on top of Windows 7: GIMP, krita.

  • Which driver should I use?
  • Is pressure sensitivity in paint programs generally handled via the driver, or depending on the respective painting program, or both?
  • And most importantly: How do I get pressure sensitivity to work with my Princeton PTB-MT2BN, "Mousepad Tablet"?


I use Windows 7, 64 bit.

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