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`How can we get into the computer without the usernames and passwords?What if there's an administration reset/backup keychain set and I can't remember what that is. I've tried every old password and the password hint isn't matching my answer (fantasy-place+year = Legoland80). Can I reset my computer completely? How do I go about doing that? How do I avoid that? I didn't send the key to apple like I should have, but took a screenshot with my computer, which is now not accessible anymore. I tried some other suggestions like deleting keychains, but I can delete all of them EXCEPT the one that needs to be deleted. I'm to the point where I can't even install apps or burn discs anymore. HELP!!

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Welcome to Superuser, Your question seems to be a little all over the place. I would suggest reviewing it so it's clear and concise what you are asking - I think I counted 6 total which will make it hard to answer you can find more information on asking good questions here How to Ask – 50-3 Sep 23 '13 at 7:09

Made perfect sense to me. I had to do this when my daughter forgot her password.

Go here:

You can reset the password on your Mac without a boot disk.

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