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I just reinstalled a Windows server 2003 SP2 and found the Internet Explorer 8 does not open https sites which does not have a trusted certificate. And because this server sits in the intranet I can't test those trusted https sites, such as https://www.google.com

The symptom is: Usually when you open a https site but the site's certificate is not in the "trusted publisher", you get an error message saying "There is a problem with this website's security certificate." but clicking the second option "Continue to this website (not recommended). " will bring you to the site.

But what happened to my server is the above error message and options are not displayed, instead, IE syas "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

Tried with firefox on the same server, it's working; tried to open the same https site with same version IE 8 on another windows 2003 server, it's working.

Found on google that a Microsoft KB might cause this problem because it prohibit open https sites with encrypt keys less than 512 bits. But the sites i'm trying to open has 1024 bits key.

Any advices are welcome. Thanks.

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any advice? Dont use internet explorer! ever! –  Kevlar Sep 24 '13 at 10:28

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