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I have a PC in my office with static dedicated IP address and I want to control it via home using something like VNC or Remote Desktop.
But the problem is my office PC is firewalled and I don't have admin rights to open ports.
I also have a VPS server.
So I have these:

  • Office PC (Windows 7): static dedicated valid IP , firewalled
  • VPS server (Ubuntu Server)
  • Home PC (Ubuntu Desktop): Dynamic valid IP

I know that I can use VNC Revese Connection but my Home PC has a Dynamic IP and is not always turned on.

Is there any way to make me able to do the reverse connection to a VPS server as an intermediary/proxy server, and connect to the office PC via that VPS from Home PC?

I mean I want to have client-server connection instead of peer-to-peer connection

Something like this:

  | <- Persistent connection initiated by office PC
 VPS ----------------- Home
          +--- On demand connection initiated by Home PC


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