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I've got the courier-imap-ssl package installed and running alongside sendmail on a Linux box. However, I'm having a problem. I've changed the mail directory using MAILDIRPATH=/path/to/email/dir in both the imapd-ssl and imapd files, and was sure to use maildirmake /path/to/email/dir to create the directory.

What's even weirder is that when I try to send an email to myself (using Thunderbird, which doesn't appear to have any problems), the email appears in my sent folder, but I never receive it. Instead of my sent email being sent to /path/to/email/dir, it get put in /var/mail/user instead. My email goes to the same place when sent from an external host as well.

I can't find anything with a Google search, and I don't know where to even begin on finding the solution to this on my own. Is there some kind of configuration or missing program I need to fix this?

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After relentless searching, I found the solution to my problem. sendmail uses this thing called procmail, which needs to be configured with the appropriate email directory.

  • To set the email directory of an individual user, create rw-r--r-- user:user /home/user/.procmailrc that contains:

  • To set a global email directory, create rw-r--r-- root:root /etc/procmailrc and add to it:

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