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As the title implies, when I am browsing text file,I would like to know the current viewed porportion of the whole text file.

I know that with -N option,we could turn on the line numbers,but how could I make less display the line number of the whole text file?


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If you open a file with less then pressing Ctrl-g will display the current line number, total lines and percentage as well as shown below:

lines 51-100/185 byte 3228/5886 54% (press RETURN)

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thanks.after revisiting the man page,manage to find it and get the other two equal command ':f' and '='.sorry for this. – Jichao Nov 3 '09 at 13:29

Do you mean like with the -M switch?

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That's exactly what I want! – Jichao Nov 3 '09 at 13:31

less -M +Gg

for not very big files it's OK, because +G (G command) go till the end of file

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