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I'm trying to get a launcher to show up on Arch linux with Gnome 3.8 but for some reason it doesn't show up on the menu. I have to strip down the version of the original sublime_text.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Sublime Text
Exec=/opt/sublime_text/sublime_text %F
Comment=Test message

For some reason, no matter what I do it doesn't show up. I tried putting it both in /usr/share/applications/ and ~/.local/share/applications/ but neither work.

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You may want to try an absolute path to your icon (even though that isn't always necessary). Also, have you marked it executable (chmod +x myentry.desktop)? – nerdwaller Sep 24 '13 at 21:33
Yes, I've tried setting permissions to 0777. Didn't work. Good point with the icon but it's trivial as Gnome simply leaves the icon blank if it doesn't find one. I'm thinking it's more of an issue with Gnome 3.8 or some environment variable not set in Arch's Gnome package. – Ancarius Sep 27 '13 at 7:25

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