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Intel has a feature for laptops called "Display Power Saving Technology". This system adjusts the screen brightness to match the over-all brightness of the picture you are seeing. So while looking at a mostly white web page (like Superuser) the back light is at full, but for darker pages/images/videos/etc the back-light will dim. Now this looks a little weird when part of the screen is a light color (like the browsers control bar at the top) but the screen darkens since the screen is mostly dark. But it supposedly saves power, so why not, and you can selectively disable it when plugged in.

The problem is that when the brightness changes it dose so slowly so when you switch to a white page you can see the brightness slowly increase. This visual is extremely annoying. It would be fine if it immediately changed, in most cases changing to a bright screen happens suddenly, so if the brightness adjustment happens at the same time it will not be jarring.

Is there any way to make it function this way?

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I would disable the feature and adjust the brightness itself this is handled by drivers and likely dependent on the load on the CPU in others it's not handled by traditional software – Ramhound Sep 24 '13 at 20:52

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