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I started using Total commander because its old school and a lot of programmers I've seen work with it. I like it but I want to learn more tricks and shortcuts.

Now I want to open a directory I selected in the right file browser in the left file browser. Also sometimes I need to checkout two directory's who are in the same parent directory. When I have found and selected the parent directory how do I open The same directory in the other file browser area.

I tried to search Google for this but I only find shortcuts to open directory's in new tabs.

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Ctrl + Left and Ctrl + Right will do this.

Let's say your cursor is in the left pane, then:

  • if the cursor is on sub-directory then Ctrl + Right will open this sub-directory in the right pane.
  • if the cursor is anywhere else, Ctrl + Right will open the same directory in the right pane
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OK thanks very handy, I could not find this on their website. – sirwilliam Sep 26 '13 at 6:48

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