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I would like to share my old Laserjet 6P printer (LPT only) in home network. The printer is really old but still working well and enough for our needs.

However I do not want to buy LPT print server as it is more difficult to buy any and in case of printer "death" I will have useless print server.

I would buy and wifi usb print server - box, where you connect a usb printer and it directly shares it using built in wifi.

However I am not sure if I can use my printer with so called USB to DB25 Female Port Print Converter Cable LPT which I can have from Ebay for less than 4 USD and connect it to the usb print server. It would be nice solution but I am not sure if the adapter converts the device into a full-featured usb printer.

What do you think? Would it work?


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do you have a computer that is generally always powered on? if so, plug it and install it to that computer and make it shared over the network. – Lorenzo Von Matterhorn Sep 25 '13 at 9:57
no, I want to replace a desktop PC with printer - which is currently "shared" - everyone can go there and print - with a small box - print server. – Juhele Sep 25 '13 at 10:28

It depends on the brand & model. Some USB-parallel adapters have drivers only for older versions of Windows. You haven't specified what brand you're referring to.

You might want to check Amazon as an alternative. (Note, I have no connection with them.) At least then you could know what brand you're buying. I very much doubt that a $4 adapter would have current drivers, i.e. for Win7, since those usually go for about $20-25.

I have used one with Win7 but, as mentioned, it costs more. I see that Cables2Go makes some that are Win7-compatible, but there are also other brands.

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Hi, I use such $4 adapter both with W7 and linux and no driver was needed but I do not want to pay about $80 for usb print server and realize that it does not work. I see potential problem with the print server firmware... – Juhele Sep 27 '13 at 6:26

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