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I have been running into problems with files from loading, specifically, the file is not loading which happens to break a number of sites including Stack Overflow. This problem occurs in both Firefox 3.5.4 and Internet Explorer 6 inside of a corporate network, are there any ideas in regards to to get around this problem?

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It does load for me. Maybe you had a problem loading this once and the cached version of your browser is not working. Try clearing your cache / an alternative browser. – Luka Nov 3 '09 at 14:25
Luka, as noted in the question, domain of the issue is inside of a corporate network where I have limited options in regards to browsers outside of the two I mentioned. Additionally, clearing the cache in my browser actually exacerbated the problem as it removed previously cached versions of the relevant files from the URL. – rjzii Nov 4 '09 at 1:56
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Jeff Atwood actually answered this problem in a similar question on Meta Stack Overflow, in essence, the Google hosted jQuery library is being blocked by a content filter such as Websense and there isn't a workaround other than getting the content unblocked by an administrator.

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