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I have a home directory that is mounted to several CentOS servers simultaneously, part of an OpenGrid cluster. Most of these server nodes are configured identically, so my personal configurations in my .profile file work fine. However, a couple of the nodes have different versions of R installed in different locations. Some nodes have multiple R versions installed. I'd like to be able to configure my environment so that specific R versions will be used on specific servers when I invoke the Rscript command. Can I do this with a single .profile file in my home directory, or would it be better to configure this another way?

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It seems (perhaps deceptively?) easy to me: insert a case $HOSTNAME loop in your .profile, like this

case $HOSTNAME in 

       my_first_server) Rscript /path/to/file1

       my_second_server) Rscript /path/to/file2

Rscript is made for execution in #! scripts.

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