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I have a classroom behavior management plan with rows of students, and columns for various positive and negative behaviors. The plan is set in two charts, one that has daily totals and another that I want to add cumulative totals for the week or perhaps even the month. but the problem is, when I change the first value on the daily chart, the second value (weekly cumulative chart) changes with it instead of adding the previous value. I am only working with one cell for each behavior for each student, and on the daily chart, when inputting new data, the previous values are erased and the chart is used again...but the weekly and monthly totals chart should reflect all the values even when a previous value is erased.

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That is the intended function of excel. Perhaps you could be more clear in what you have and why it's not working? – Raystafarian Sep 25 '13 at 18:10
It's a tough ask to expect Excel to keep a running total of data if you are routinely deleting the data. Nonetheless, this can be done with code, but it will have drawbacks (e.g. typos will cause problems -- if you accidentally type 8 instead of 7 and then correct it, 15 will be added to your running total). The better solution is to reconsider your sheet/workbook design so that you can keep all your data instead of overwriting it daily. Is there a reason you only have one column for behavior on the daily chart? Why not five columns for M-F? – Excellll Sep 25 '13 at 20:04

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