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I have a SSD as a primary hard drive, and one HDD for storage. I want the recycling bin to be on the HDD. I want is so that even if I delete files from the SSD the end up on the HDD's recycling bin. What is the proper way of going about this?

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This isn't possible. The Recycle Bin exists on a per-drive basis, and when you send files to it, no write operation is performed. Windows just updates the Master File Table to indicate a pending delete operation, which then appears in the Recycle Bin for that drive. If deleting files on the C: drive placed them in the Recycle Bin on the D: drive, the files would actually be written to the D: drive. Also, Microsoft's article on the Recycle Bin's settings makes no mention of a feature like this, so I don't believe it's supported.

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Its seems that it already works the way I want it to. The recycling bin is not a folder but a list of stuff that I want to delete. – user257450 Sep 25 '13 at 23:50

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