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I need to put some bookmarks into my pdf, so from my web browser the url /mypdf.pdf#location would work.

Ideally I would like to do this using quark, but it seems that I can enter in the anchors, but when I export it doesn't work.

I have also tried adobe acrobat pro, which works, but when I try and view in firefox I get the small error 'This pdf may not display correctly' or something like that which seems to be down to the firefox pdf viewer as other browser (which use adobe proper viewer) work. This, though, gives me the problem that, when the file needs to be edited in quark again, I won't have the quark file to edit this with. So could do with something to change a pdf into a quark file.

Or am I just trying too hard here and should just go down the path of using /mypdf.pdf#page=3

Then have something that can basically manage those pages so that if a particular place changes page it's not to hard to edit this in multiple files.

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