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I frequently use Remote Desktop to access my work computer from home. For some reason every time I login to my work computer the day after I have used RDP, some of the icons in my taskbar and start menu stop working. Usually the icons that don't work are things like Notepad, Windows Explorer, Remote Desktop, etc. - no 3rd party installations. The icons will change to the generic icon image and if you click on them you get an error message saying that the location is missing or no longer there (unfortunately I've already rebooted so I don't have the exact error message ATM). Sometimes I am able to get the icons back by deleting the iconcache and restarting explorer.exe, but that only works occasionally and I am forced to reboot.

As for 3rd party installation icons, like VS or SQL Server, it will only let me open them if I run as Administrator.

Is there some sort of Remote Desktop profile or something that is causing these icons to stop working when I log back in locally? I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, and have installed all Windows Updates.

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